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Rollovers and Transfers

  • Nearing rollover age for your IRA accounts?
  • Want to transfer funds to or from IRA accounts?
  • Need to change the beneficiary of your account?
  • Wondering what to do with your 401(k) when you change jobs or retire?

Rollovers and transfers of retirement funds involve complicated tax issues. Getting expert advice before making decisions that will impact your quality of life and estate. Our advisors can answer all your questions.

403(b) Account
A 403(b) plan allows teachers and employees of not-for-profit qualifying organizations to make annual pre-tax contributions. Because withholding taxes are not deducted on these contributions, a 403(b) is an excellent program for accumulating retirement funds*.

Fixed Annuities
An annuity is an insurance product used as an investment vehicle. With a locked-in interest rate, Fixed Annuities give you the assurance of knowing how much you'll earn on your investment. Your money grows tax-deferred until withdrawal and there are no contribution limits.

  • Locked-In Earnings Security
  • Contributions May Lower Current Taxes*
  • No Contributions Limits
  • Money Grows Tax-Deferred
  • Guaranteed Principal and Interest Rate
  • Fixed Dollar Payments

Long Term Care Insurance
Who will need long-term care? The National Center for Health Services tells us it's at least one of every four Americans, and our aging population is rapidly growing. Yet, few people can afford to pay for long-term care themselves. The costs can mean financial ruin for the average family.

Planning your retirement needs to include planning for long-term care insurance that will protect both your quality of life and your assets.

  • Free Coverage Comparisons
  • Free Policy Review

Life Insurance
Securing your loved ones' futures is important, and we can make that process simple. Just call, we'll discuss the type of insurance plan and the amount of coverage you need. No pressure or obligation.

  • Term
  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Variable Universal
  • Survivorship Life
  • Highly Rated Companies
  • Personal Service
  • Free Policy Review

* Consult your tax advisor

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