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United Advantage Card
Offering you one more way to access your funds anytime and anywhere.  The United Advantage Card can be used at any location in the United States that displays the Interlink, Cirrus or Nets logo.  That means over 38,000 locations nationwide!  There is no fee when used at a United Nebraska Bank ATM machine.

Bill Pay and Automatic Transfers
Make scheduled payments on time, every time. Your funds keep working up to the latest possible deadline.

United Check Card
Here's the easiest way to write a check - use this card instead! Use it at any business that accepts VISA and any ATM within the VISA/PLUS network - anywhere in the world. Every transaction is withdrawn from your checking account and recorded on your monthly statement. No credit card interest expenses to pay and no fee charged when the card is used at a VISA retailer or United Nebraska Bank ATM machine.

Direct Deposit
Enjoy lunch on payday instead of rushing to the bank... Stay inside on a winter's day instead of heading to the bank with your Social Security check, and still get the money into your account and available to use that same day. Payroll checks, Social Security benefits, interest or dividend payments can all be deposited into your account without a trip to the bank.

24-Hour TeleBank
Convenient telephone access to all of your checking, savings, and loan accounts at United Nebraska Bank. Transfer funds, check your balances and make loan payments. By using our toll free number you can access your accounts anywhere in the US!! And there are NO FEES! It's so simple. If you have an account, just call and we will set you up.

Get a United Nebraska Bank Credit Card!
Offered through MBNA.

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Additional Services

Overdraft Privilege
A FREE service that will save you the aggravation and expense of returned checks!

Reorder Checks On-Line